ASTM Reference Fuels & Test Fluids

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Our ASTM Test Blends are refined to exceptionally high purities and meet the exacting demands of specific test methods and DIN, EN, ISO or ASTM standards.

They are used in Octane and Cetane rating of gasoline and diesel fuels, materials testing of elastomer and rubber compounds, materials testing of polymers and contract fluids. Custom-made test blends are also developed and produced to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

We produce the following ASTM reference fuels and test fluids including:

  • iso-Octane ASTM / n-Heptane ASTM
  • Octane rating of gasoline
  • Octane-80-blend ASTM, blend consisting of iso-Octane ASTM and
  • n-Heptane ASTM with a MON of 80 +/- 0.1 Toluene acc. ASTM
  • n-Cetane ASTM 99%
  • n-Cetane 95%
  • Cetane rating of diesel fuels in CFR /BASF engine
  • alpha-Methylnaphthalene and Cetane rating of diesel fuels in BASF engines

We also have a range of test fluids for the testing of polymer and rubber compounds and calibration fluids.


Hydrocarbons 99%

Hydrocarbons 95%

ASTM Reference Fuels & Test Fluids


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Hydrocarbons 99%

Hydrocarbons 95%

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