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Worst Case Fuels could be defined as fuels being the most aggressive in order to simulate the worst case situations that engines or parts could face.

Worst case fuel, can be used for example in order to speed up durability tests (acceleration of degradation), they can help to simulate gasoline pumps cavitation problems, to control how engine/parts will face the use of a fuel which has been stored for a very long time, or how the engine/parts will handle any pollution in the fuel (such as water, acids, other types of fuels…)


  • Manganese containing gasoline
  • Lead containing gasoline
  • Aggressive fuels
    • high acidity
    • high electrical conductivity
  • Sulphate and chloride containing fuels
  • High sulphur
  • Lead content
  • Targeted Water content
  • RSG fuels with additives


  • High HFRR
  • Low / High Cetane
  • Very low or Very high oxidation stability
  • Very low IBP
  • Very high aromatics content
  • Very high sulphur, high water content


  • High HFRR
  • Low oxidation stability

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Worst Case Fuel

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Dr. Bruno Philippon

Senior Vice President
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Business Development Manager – Performance Fuels, Japan
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