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Haltermann Carless supplies control and competition fuels to many major motorsport events world-wide and supports motorsport governing bodies and series managers with a market-leading service offering.

Blend Analysis, Certification and Homologation services include:

  • In-house analysis of samples, components and finished blends
  • Strong links with Governing bodies accredited laboratories for
  • Homologation to FIA and FIM standards
  • Issuing of blend specific Certificate of Analysis

Event Fuel Dispensing services include:

  • Global movement of fuels in can, keg, drum and bulk
  • Supply and dispensing to race circuit for control and competition fuels
  • Supply and dispensing to rally championships world-wide for control and competition fuels

Trackside sampling and testing services include:

  • Detect any non-conforming fuel sample taken at trackside and return it to the refinery for further analysis
  • Prepare a short, concise report on that fuel sample for the Chief Scrutineer of the event
  • Support the Chief Scrutineer with technical advice should a non-conforming sample be detected


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Control Fuels & Motorsport Services

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Dr. Bruno Philippon

Senior Vice President
Business Unit Mobility


Sales Contacts

Bill Bovensiep

Sales Director – Performance Fuels, North America
Mobile: +1 313 919 8468

Lutz Reichenbächer

Sales Manager – Performance Fuels, Germany
Phone: +49 40 333 18 316
Mobile: +49 151 270 403 85

Iciar Irigoyen

Head of Performance Fuels Sales, UK
Mobile: +44 7880 192076

Yann Labia

Business Development Manager – Performance Fuels, France
Mobile: +33 6 80 45 73 36

Akiyama Hisakazu

Business Development Manager – Performance Fuels, Japan
Tel. +81 80 3344 8802




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