Diesel Like Calibration Fluids

Product Information

Haltermann Carless produce diesel like calibration fluids according to customers specifications & to standards such as ISO 4113.

These fluids are made on purpose of diesel pump or injectors testing & certification after production process or for calibration periodical testing of machines.

These fluids are tightly bounded in terms of viscosity & density

They offer a great oxidation stability which permit longer lifetime of use of the product, offer a great corrosion and a great reproducibility batch after batch securing the validation process over the time.

Calibration Fluids Products

Diesel Like

Gasoline Like

Kerosene Like



Dr. Bruno Philippon

Senior Vice President
Business Unit Mobility

Email: bphilippon@h-c-s-group.com

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Bill Bovensiep

Sales Director – Performance Fuels, North America
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Lutz Reichenbächer

Sales Manager – Performance Fuels, Germany
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Iciar Irigoyen

Head of Performance Fuels Sales, UK
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Yann Labia

Business Development Manager – Performance Fuels, France
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Akiyama Hisakazu

Business Development Manager – Performance Fuels, Japan
Tel. +81 80 3344 8802
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