High Purity Paraffinic Solvents

Product Line Overview

Our HALPASOL™ product line contains high-performance alternatives to traditional solvents, targeting reliable technical performance, low environmental impact and a minimum of occupational risk.

The High Purity Paraffinic Solvents Product Range

Diversity is the key characteristic of our HALPASOL™ products, with uses ranging from precision solvents, degreasants and cold cleaners to automotive dewaxing agents and lamp oils.

The HALPASOL™ product line is based on defined petrochemical raw materials which have been processed to provide a low aromatic, low odour alternative to traditional solvents.

These products are n-paraffinic and consequently the mildest in terms of solvent effect and odour. Iso-paraffinic HALPASOL™ products provide a higher degree of solvent power without compromising their occupational or environmental compatibility.


James Wyatt

Senior Vice President
Business Unit Energy

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Andrew Melvin

VP Sales & Technology – Middle Distillates
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Pilot Oil Sales – Middle Distillates
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Printing Ink Distillates – Middle Distillates, Paraset and PKWF PIDs
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Timo Parlowski

Commercial Manager North America
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