Factsheet: HCS Group with new brand identity

Factsheet: HCS Group with new brand identity
May 29, 2015 mg_haltermann

The new brand architecture

  • The previous longstanding Petrochem Carless and Haltermann brands are becoming one brand: Haltermann Carless
  • Racing fuels will be sold under the ETS Racing Fuels brand
  • The respective national companies will have uniform names: Haltermann GmbH will become Haltermann Carless Deutschland GmbH and Petrochem Carless Ltd will become Haltermann Carless UK Ltd
  • The parent company, HCS GmbH, will become HCS Group GmbH

The new logo: Traditional values in a new guise

  • The figurative mark used in the new logo combines the two original companies, Haltermann and Petrochem Carless. The „H“ of Haltermann and the characteristic Erlenmeyer flask from Petrochem Carless symbolise in a fresh design the longstanding history of the HCS Group.
  • The new logo with its clear, uniform colour scheme ensures the highest possible degree of recognition
  • In future all companies belonging to the HCS Group will be united under the unified brand image

Our claim: Passion Pragmatism Partnership

  • For the first time in the corporate history of the HCS Group, there will be a claim that in future will accompany the communication
  • The claim clearly states what the company and its brands stand for:
    • Passion: Our daily work processes and corporate activities are shaped by passion. We believe in our company, our quality products and our excellent services
    • Pragmatism: We advise our customers in an uncomplicated, flexible and solution-oriented manner. The proximity to our customers and our strong practical orientation characterise our special approach
    • Partnership: Our work is characterised by a special customer
      rapport. Our customers are not merely purchasers of our products but partners. We advise our customers holistically

The new brand website: Revised appearance and content

  • The redesigned online presence for the Haltermann Carless brand is based on industrial clusters that better illustrate the everyday usage of the product range
  • In future users will therefore find comprehensive information on our core competencies and products under the headings Automotive & Aviation, Exploration & Oil Services, Construction & Appliances, Life Sciences as well as Media & Electronics
  • Visually, the website will appear in our new corporate design
  • Take a look at www.haltermann-carless.com

The advantages of the new brand identity

  • The uniform brand identity sets the HCS Group and its brands more clearly apart from competitors in the market and enhances the company profile
  • The brand is positioning itself internationally: the new website simplifies the communication of the brands in their respective markets and with customers – the customers receive the products of the HCS Group from a single brand source
  • With the new appearance, the HCS Group remains true to its promise of “quality from tradition” and creates the basis for further growth and the worldwide expansion of its production and sales network

If you have any questions about our new brand strategy, please get in
touch with our Press Department:

Petra Metzger
Phone: +49-69-695-386-188
Email: press@h-c-s-group.com