About Haltermann Carless

Leading in hydrocarbon-based products and solvents

Haltermann Carless is a speciality chemical company founded on tradition, value and experience dating all the way back to 1859. Today, the company is a key brand of HCS Group and a leading international supplier of high-value hydrocarbon-based speciality products and solvents. Customers from the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as from industrial and construction markets value our market leading products, outstanding expertise and comprehensive technical application services as well as solution-oriented approach. Our 450 employees based in Germany, UK, France, USA and Japan ensure the success of our company.

We focus on Business areas such as Oil & Gas, Pentanes, Performance Fuels, Performance Solvents, Special Aromatics, Printing Ink Distillates and Base Oils. With access to renewable resources we are in the position to provide our customers sustainable solutions.


Our Business Lines

Oil & Gas Products

We provide solutions for the oil and gas industry in the reliable evacuation of side streams which are then subsequently processed into a variety of standard petrochemical products.

Drilling Mud Base Fluids

Our drilling base fluids are specially designed to meet the widely varying and technically challenging demands of the global oil and gas drilling industry.

Speciality Oils

Our process oils provide a wide specification range of specialty oils used as strategic raw materials in a variety of industry sectors and manufacturing areas.


We have a long history of producing a wide range of high purity Pentanes and their blends, which are typically used in the insulation, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Performance Fuels

To support the Automotive and Oil industries, we offer test, reference, high performance race fuels, special grades for first-fill or two-stroke engine applications and reference lubricants.

Performance Solvents

A wide range of hydrocarbon solvents with purity greater than 95% are marketed by our Performance Solvents area for a wide range of demanding applications.

Special Aromatics

A leading global supplier of C10 and C12 Heavy Aromatic Solvents to the Agrochemical, Fuel Additive and Oilfield chemical industries.

Printing Ink Distillates

We are one of the leading manufacturers of specialty printing ink distillates. On top we offer specification test oils for the 260 to 290°C distillation range.

Low Viscosity Base Oils

Our market leading low viscosity base oils are defined by specific performance characteristics and can be used in multiple industrial applications.

Oxo Products

Our Oxo products are widely applied in the pharmaceutical and printing industry, but are also used as industrial intermediate in the manufacture of other further products.

Sustainable Portfolio

Our portfolio of sustainable technologies are based on renewable raw materials and offer multiple benefits to our customers: an excellent performance and at low carbon footprint.